Our Supplier Quality Development document (SQD-9000) is the method used to delegate our quality requirements to our Suppliers. This document details the necessary steps to assure that our Customer’s requirements are passed on through lower Tier processes.

Quality Policy


IATF 16949 Certification PDF


Specialty Engine Components, its management and employees, is committed to providing products that exceed our Customers’ expectations. Our standard is Zero Defects.
Our method is Continuous Improvement. Our tool is Statistical Process Control.
Our motto is Quality Assured.

At WA Thomas we have strict part handling policies to 100% avoid part damage.
We use trained personnel in well lit packing areas to inspect and pack parts.
WA Thomas is committed to ship parts, in a timely manner that conform with the customers desires.

Coordinate-measuring machines

Three Dimensional Coordinate Measuring machines used to assure the quality of product for all W.A. Thomas Company and Johnson Lifter parts.

CpK Charts

CpK charts are available to demonstrate ongoing process capabilities.